Original Projects

Concept DNA currently has original projects in various stages of development. Each project has been overseen by writer/producer Larry Brody (www.tvwriter.com) a legendary figure in TV production responsible for creating and producing thousands of hours of network, and syndicated television programming.

WriteSafe Protected

All projects listed here are registered with WriteSafe: created for the express purpose of electronically registering intellectual property of all types, regardless of genre or art form and is advised by leading experts in the field of intellectual property law.
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Powernapz: Animated Series

A young boy is whisked away to Dreamscape, where his imagination creates adventures he'll never forget...
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Hell Yeah: Animated Series

Celebrities visit Hell - where its decided if they can enter, or must re-vist earth and perform charitable acts to stave off Purgatory.
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Strung Out: Animated Series

Kevin Santiago 12" skeleton puppet, armed with a Spanish/English dictionary and a posse of discontinued Action Figures, battles Tijuana's low-life as he tries to rescue the old farmer who carved him.

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Mistaken: Animated Webisodes

H.S. freshman Jace Masterson discovers he's a celestial Warrior from another dimension - and must save earth from the arch-enemy Avatar's who've followed him to destroy Earth.
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